Data Protection for Education Institutions

With the rising costs of delivering education, educational institutions from public districts to universities and colleges are under more pressure than ever before to cut costs and optimize their systems. Cloud computing offers the opportunity to do all of that and more, allowing for the convenient access of interconnected networks handling everything from student data, registration data, tuition payments, to healthcare related information, faculty salaries, alumni contact information and other sensitive data. The Cloud and mobile even make it easier to offer payment card programs: students may more conveniently and quickly access a variety of services autonomously, without the need for constant and direct administrative support. There are also government and industry regulations that must be followed in order to maintain compliance. The big question that you must ask yourself is your educational institution’s data really that safe in the Cloud or in your internal networks?

CENTRI Education Institution Benefits

Providing a secure technology experience for students and faculty has never been more of a priority or more difficult for educational institutions. The CENTRI Data Protection Platform offers an innovative and scalable, software-only solution to meet the problems from common attacks on confidential education networks. With a full lifecycle data encryption solution, your student family, alumni and faculty information is safe in all states – as it moves in and out of the Cloud or longer term storage databases. Should a hacker or a rogue employee manage to steal application data common with credit card transactions or registration profiles or sensitive documents from your Cloud or network, CENTRI renders the information useless in the wrong hands. Contact sales at CENTRI today.