BitSmart™ For Enterprise Reduces Risk and Protects Your Brand

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Adopt an Encrypt Everything Security Strategy with CENTRI

Imagine a future with a secure internet for enterprises: Data is protected at every point in the network. Business disruptions by hackers have been eliminated. Interaction is freed from data security concerns. People and businesses are more productive. This would have a profound effect on the evolution of the connected world – CENTRI can make this a reality.

BitSmart encrypts, secures and optimizes your data in transit or at rest. BitSmart features the industry’s most innovative encryption and compression algorithms, providing end-to-end protection for sensitive data while simultaneously delivering faster execution and ultra-low latency. And our software’s patented key exchange and management delivers higher performance and lower overhead than typical key management systems. Unlike SSL, our solution provides a programmable intelligent port-scan mechanism that can establish a secure link on any system port. This allows it to easily mitigate DDoS attacks that would leave a traditional single-port SSL system dead in the water.

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It’s Time For Enterprises To Try a New Approach

You understand the threats. Every day another enterprise breach makes the headlines. Stolen customer data. Compromised credit card information. Theft of funds. Mobile applications stopped dead in their tracks. The cost of these attacks for some of the world’s most successful enterprises in banking, retail, insurance, healthcare and beyond can range from tens of millions to even billions of dollars. It’s not just the cost of the insurance premiums, the data recovery or IT investments. The toll on your brand and reputation with customers can be monumental to recover.

By the end of 2015, the number of mobile devices connected to wireless networks will exceed the population of the world. Customers are increasingly using smart devices for banking, online shopping, accessing sensitive records and making purchases at the checkout. SSL solutions and bigger firewalls simply don’t cut it. Are you ready for this connected world or do you need to try a new approach to protect the different holes in your system?

Encrypt Everything™, Period

Hackers and criminals are getting more advanced with every passing day, making traditional solutions less effective. Data breaches can also arise from rogue or careless employees accessing internal data and unencrypted data in storage. With an Encrypt Everything policy and solution from CENTRI, enterprises can turn the tide to protect their brand and their customers.  For more information on how we help companies like yours, visit the industries menu above.

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