Data Protection for Healthcare Firms

Healthcare organizations face a unique set of security challenges. Firms seek to reduce costs and improve efficiency by upgrading their systems to work within the Cloud. In addition, mobile devices that capture and access patient information to improve patient care are left open to data breaches. Financial information, confidential patient information, and intellectual property combine to form just a portion of the highly sensitive data fielded by healthcare-related services which are among the most costly of any industry. Any security measures employed by a healthcare firm must fit budgetary constraints, but must also be effective and meet tough HIPAA regulations. A large data breach could cause harm to countless patients, jeopardize years of research, risk insurance coverage and funding, and place the organization in an actionable position for millions of dollars in damages.

CENTRI Data Protection for Healthcare Benefits

The CENTRI Data Protection Platform gives you peace of mind that your healthcare operations are secure from external threats and internal leaks. CENTRI is a software-only solution that features the industry’s most innovative encryption and compression algorithms, providing end-to-end protection for sensitive data while simultaneously delivering faster execution and ultra-low latency. And our software’s patented key exchange and management delivers higher performance and lower overhead than typical key management systems. The flexibility of the solution allows you to implement across the many different areas that you need to secure in healthcare from mobile applications, employee devices, and medical equipment to corporate networks and databases.

Respect for Your Privacy

The confidentiality of personal information is at the core of the services that we provide, and it remains our highest goal and standard. We offer complete transparency into our business practices, and will never use, sell, or distribute your information to any third party. For more information about our commitment to maintaining client confidentiality, please see our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.