Securing Medical Devices and Patient Data in Transit and at Rest for Healthcare Organizations

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BitSmart™ For Healthcare is the Prescription for Unsecured Data and Devices

BitSmart For Healthcare gives you peace of mind that your healthcare operations are secure from external threats and internal leaks. BitSmart from CENTRI is a patented software-only data security solution that features the industry’s most innovative encryption and compression algorithms, providing end-to-end protection for sensitive data while simultaneously delivering faster execution and ultra-low latency. And our software’s patented key exchange and management delivers higher performance and lower overhead than typical key management systems. The flexibility of the solution allows you to implement across the many different areas that you need to secure from mobile applications, employee devices, and medical equipment to corporate networks and databases.

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Healthcare Data is Invaluable

Today’s patients demand access to more of their own medical information through the web and mobile applications.  Busy medical professionals also commonly leverage tablets to have instant access to review and update patient data and diagnostic records.  Having to accommodate this model forces healthcare organizations to reveal the most sensitive information possible while at the same time ensuring proper security for it from the wrong audience.

It’s no surprise that data breaches involving health care organizations are the most expensive to face in the industry and the cost is increasing, according to a study released by the Ponemon Institute. The researchers found that worldwide, the cost of a health care data breach is $363 per exposed personally identifiable record. In comparison, data breaches cost an average of $154 per exposed record across all industries. Securing patient records and transactions must remain the top priority for all healthcare executives.

Smart Connected Medical Devices Are New Targets

As medical devices become smarter and more connected to private clouds or networks so does the threat from cyber terrorists. Configuration settings of specific medical devices can be accessed and changed with DoS attacks via weak SSL protection layers. The result of these breaches can be the difference between life and death for the patient. Strong device encryption can mitigate this risk significantly.

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