Healthcare Data Solutions

BitSmart For Healthcare is the Prescription for Unsecured Data and Devices

BitSmart For Healthcare gives you peace of mind that your healthcare operations are secure from external threats and internal leaks. BitSmart is a patented software-only data security solution that features the industry’s most innovative encryption and compression algorithms, providing end-to-end protection for sensitive data while simultaneously delivering faster execution and ultra-low latency. And our software’s patented key exchange and management delivers higher performance and lower overhead than typical key management systems. The flexibility of the solution allows you to implement across the many different areas that you need to secure from mobile applications, employee devices, and medical equipment to corporate networks and databases. Call CENTRI Technology today with all of your Healthcare Data Solutions needs at (206) 395-2793.

Full Lifecycle Data Protection

Today's data lives everywhere - on networks, the Cloud, computers and mobile devices both inside and outside of your organization. Protecting that data itself requires a solution that protects in transit and at rest. BitSmart offers your business and your customers a full lifecycle data protection platform and DDoS mitigation for today's mobile-first, Cloud-based world.

Trust With Compliance

Your enterprise needs to maintain customer trust while at the same time meeting strict industry regulations and standards. BitSmart provides you with the best of both worlds - a data protection platform that diminishes the impact of data breaches from hackers and rogue elements while helping you comply with HIPAA standards.

Integrates Easily With Your Systems

BitSmart is an agnostic software-only solution that is simple to install and unlike alternative solutions it won’t negatively impact the user experience. BitSmart sits on networks, Clouds, mobile apps or wherever you need it to completely secure your confidential info throughout its entire lifecycle – no matter where it lives, how it is used or how it is transmitted.