CENTRI Products

CENTRI products provide full lifecycle data protection for data at rest, in motion, and on endpoints. The CENTRI Secure Database Platform offers four products to ensure your data is encrypted, protected, and secure. Since we offer a software-only solution we can easily integrate and scale with your own IT infrastructure for Cloud, networks, databases, and mobile applications.

sq-bullet1 CENTRI Secure Database. CENTRI Secure Database focuses on protecting your data while at rest, on any device, local or remote, regardless of file type. Its “vault-less” key management feature not only provides much more flexibility in the location and permissions for your data, it is also much more secure from threats, inside and out.

sq-bullet1 CENTRI Secure Communications. CENTRI Secure Communications focuses on protecting your data while in transit, between any two points. Its unique one-pass optimization and encryption technology combined with its highly efficient algorithms, produce industry leading low latency security for your data in transit.

sq-bullet1 CENTRI Secure Insights. CENTRI Secure Insights is an intelligence solution that can be coupled with either CENTRI Secure Communications, CENTRI Data Protection, or both. It provides insights into metric, audit and forensic data from the CENTRI security ecosystem.

sq-bullet1 CENTRI Secure Documents. CENTRI Secure Documents ensures that the encryption and decryption of documents is seamless on authenticated endpoints to protect your confidential information while allowing you to conduct business as usual.

At CENTRI we recognize that we are witnessing a shift in attitudes about protecting corporate assets – both enterprise data and confidential customer information. It’s not enough to protect the network – it’s time to protect your most important asset, your data. Discover how you can use CENTRI to meet your needs.


The CENTRI Data Protection Platform

Use Cases

View this diagram to understand how CENTRI’s product architecture works. Contact CENTRI today and find out how we can encrypt and optimize your valuable data with our unique and effective products – protecting you and your customers from vulnerability to data loss.

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