CENTRI Products is a leading provider of mobile data optimization (MDO) and bandwidth management solutions that reduce network congestion and provide an enhanced user experience across all connected devices. With CENTRI’s Connected Experience Platform (CXP), mobile network operators (MNOs) are able to intelligently optimize and manage the flow of data across their networks in real-time to deliver an improved user experience and eliminate the need to invest in additional network resources – in the cloud or on-premise. Given the ever-increasing flow of data across wireless networks via smartphones, tablets, laptops and routers, capacity is becoming constrained, negatively impacting the user experience and making the mobile data crunch a reality. In the simplest of terms, CENTRI delivers purpose-built solutions, unencumbered by legacy technology or networks, to manage the mobile data crunch by improving network efficiency and performance regardless if you are a mobile operator, an enterprise or an embedded hardware manufacturer. CENTRI takes a two-pronged approach to the mobile data crunch problem by applying its patented cache-mapping optimization technology to the data stream to significantly increase network capacity and remove the need to invest in additional network resources or spectrum. CENTRI goes a step further by shaping all of the network traffic through its SmartStream technology, tagging and prioritizing all of the data traffic flowing across the network, delivering just the right amount of capacity to provide a consistent user experience and not strain the network.