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Advanced Data Security for IoT

Protecting Data from Creation to Consumption

Video: Advanced Security for IoT

DIY security fails the test

  • Increased data exposure

  • Patching point solutions

  • Key management issues

  • Device spoofing threat

  • Greater risk

  • No visibility or intelligence

IoT needs purpose-built security

  • Device authentication

  • Simplified key management

  • Data integrity

  • Handles the data spike

  • Speed and efficiency

  • Developer-centric tools

Why Choose CENTRI

“As IoT scales, security is no longer optional as users need to know and trust their data is safe across connected devices – but security must be a shared responsibility. With a small footprint and strong end-to-end capabilities, CENTRI, with support for both Armv8-M and the common security framework defined by PSA, is providing the Arm ecosystem with a comprehensive solution for protecting the next trillion connected devices.”

Paul Williamson, Vice President and General Manager, IoT Device IP, Arm

CENTRI – Advanced Data Security for IoT



IoTAS provides complete IoT security from devices to data. IoTAS establishes trusted device integrity, and simultaneously encrypts and compresses IoT data anywhere.



Many IoT endpoints are severely limited with software space. With a 65kB footprint, IoTAS provides ultimate flexibility to fit on the smallest endpoints and platforms.



IoTAS provides insights and intelligence to all activity with GUIs for user administration and analytics. Gain visibility of all security activity from forensics and anomalies.

The critical need for effective IoT security

The Internet of Things is growing massively.

Securing billions of IoT devices already deployed is a top concern – everything from home appliances, to insulin pumps, to implanted pacemakers, to sensors deployed throughout manufacturing, to the spectrum of devices out in the wild controlling the power grid, water supply, and other utilities and services essential to daily life.

IoT security should have a flexible design so you can incorporate it into your solution stack, complete security including encryption of data in motion, in use and at rest, and data intelligence to monitor and react to IoT security incidents across your IoT ecosystem.

  • Some 5.5 million new IoT devices come online every day – Gartner estimates that by 2020 the IoT will include more than 20 billion devices.

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently reported – while the benefits of the IoT are undeniable, so too is the reality that security is not keeping up with the pace of innovation.

  • Roopinder Tara, following the IoT Tech Expo North America in 2016, wrote: DIY is a bad idea – you have to pick an expert to take on IoT, if you are not one already… there are too many fast-moving pieces, each requiring a certain expertise.

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