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Protected Sessions

Securing your IoT Data

Layered Security for Endpoints

  • Works across any network
  • End-to-End solution
  • Industry standard encryption
  • Compression Available
  • Arm M4 and Linux support
  • Atonomi blockchain integration (optional)

Edge Data Security for Gateways

  • Secured Edge Data
  • Integrates perfectly with major IoT cloud providers
  • Virtual M2M communications
  • Anti-tampering checks
  • Key rotation
  • Enterprise Integration APIs

Why Choose CENTRI

“As IoT scales, security is no longer optional as users need to know and trust their data is safe across connected devices – but security must be a shared responsibility. With a small footprint and strong end-to-end capabilities, CENTRI, with support for both Armv8-M and the common security framework defined by PSA, is providing the Arm ecosystem with a comprehensive solution for protecting the next trillion connected devices.”

Paul Williamson, Vice President and General Manager, IoT Device IP, Arm

CENTRI – Introducing Protected Sessions



No network or protocol dependency allows for unlimited flexibility. Works across any combination of networks, protocols, hubs – standard or proprietary. BLE, LTE, MQTT(S), TLS, HTTP(S), WiFi, cURL, SCP, FTP(S), File Sharing, USB, Thread, LoRa, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.