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Purpose-Built IoT Security for Low Power Devices

CENTRI Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS – is a standards-based security platform enabling companies to easily implement device integrity, data encryption and data optimization into their IoT products and services. IoTAS is embedded on endpoints, applications, gateways, and the Cloud to secure and compress all data in motion and at rest. IoTAS uses cache mapping technology and efficient algorithms resulting in 20% less CPU utilization, reduced heat, and less use of power to maximize uptime of IoT devices. Increase protection, get to market faster with pre-configured software and replace insufficient DIY security tools with a patented, complete solution for IoT security you can trust. Download free trial.

Traditional IT Security Doesn’t Always Work

Traditional IT security solutions for your enterprise weren’t designed to protect your IoT devices and data. IoT “things” outside your network are the new playground for hackers. Common encryption technologies present significant problems for small, battery operated IoT devices. Multiple rounds of encryption increase time and load on processors. Added network traffic can exhaust battery life for mission-critical devices and clog Cloud storage. Key management becomes difficult, expensive, and cannot scale. Security layers that you build can burden your development effort with time and cost.

You Need IoT Security That Does Work

Your expertise is developing IoT devices and software to exchange data – let us protect it for you. CENTRI IoTAS is Internet of Things Advanced Security, purpose-built for IoT. Supports low-powered IoT devices to the largest pieces of equipment. Provides 100% protection of IoT data in motion and at rest on devices or the Cloud. Designed for IoT developers like you to simplify development efforts and speed time-to-market minus the pitfalls of open source tools. Offers complete visibility of your data with user management, audit, and forensics. Mitigate the risk of data theft, your own damaged reputation, or the industry’s next lawsuit with IoT security that works.  Spend more time innovating and less time securing!

Your Advantages

  • Complete Security

    IoTAS secures IoT data in motion and at rest. Write 50% less calls with twice the efficiency and a handshake 50x faster. SSL/TLS only provides transport security 

  • Data & Device Integrity

    IoTAS never sends a single byte in the clear and works with a trusted endpoint-server model to authenticate all devices. Your IoT data is always secure

  • Mission-Critical Uptime

    Uses cache mapping technology with efficient algorithms. Optimizes low power IoT devices – less heat, 20% less CPU utilization, up to 30% more uptime

  • Simplified Key Vault Management

    Patented “vault-less” technology removes the hassle and expense of key management or a Hardware Security Module for data at rest. Save $20,000/year on an HSM

  • Developer-Centric Experience

    Unlike open source, IoTAS is pre-configured for faster integration to your endpoints, applications, and Cloud. Reduce internal development time from months to days

  • Handles the Data Spike

    The increased data traffic from IoT squeezes networks and Cloud storage. IoTAS compresses the data up to 80% to save bandwidth and Cloud storage costs 

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IoT Security Use Cases

  • Secure Things

  • Secure Central Command

  • Secure IoT Big Data

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Develop Expert IoT Security Without Being an IoT Expert

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