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Protected Sessions

Securing your IoT Data

Layered Security for Endpoints

  • Works across any network
  • End-to-End solution
  • Industry standard encryption
  • Compression Available
  • Arm M4 and Linux support
  • Atonomi blockchain integration (optional)

Edge Data Security for Gateways

  • Secured Edge Data
  • Integrates perfectly with major IoT cloud providers
  • Virtual M2M communications
  • Anti-tampering checks
  • Key rotation
  • Enterprise Integration APIs

Why Choose CENTRI

“As IoT scales, security is no longer optional as users need to know and trust their data is safe across connected devices – but security must be a shared responsibility. With a small footprint and strong end-to-end capabilities, CENTRI, with support for both Armv8-M and the common security framework defined by PSA, is providing the Arm ecosystem with a comprehensive solution for protecting the next trillion connected devices.”

Paul Williamson, Vice President and General Manager, IoT Device IP, Arm

CENTRI – Introducing Protected Sessions



No network or protocol dependency allows for unlimited flexibility. Works across any combination of networks, protocols, hubs – standard or proprietary. BLE, LTE, MQTT(S), TLS, HTTP(S), WiFi, cURL, SCP, FTP(S), File Sharing, USB, Thread, LoRa, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.



Designed for small IoT devices, libraries run on Arm Cortex M4 MCUs and need only ~26K FlashROM and ~10K RAM. Reduce your battery usage with highly optimized CENTRI libraries (hand optimized assembly for Arm) and reduce your network operating expenses (LTE, etc.) through CENTRI’s patented single-pass encryption plus compression.



Extend Protected Sessions to your existing enterprise systems through our innovative Flexibility Zone APIs. Inspect data packages, connect with your IDS and enable it to terminate devices or rotate keys, log events in your SEIM, and much more.

The critical need for effective IoT security

CENTRI Protected Sessions

Secure your IoT data from creation to consumption, through every mile along the way. Protected Sessions changes the game by giving you data security for bi-directional communications while freeing you from the limitations of multiple network protocols and a mixed IoT topology. Session lifecycles are IoT-friendly by design – by working within the constraints of low-power MCU devices using low-power networks that may have intermittent network access, Protected Sessions can maintain the security of your communications channel through lifespans from seconds to months! Using heavyweight industry standard encryption, CENTRI Protected Sessions is optimized for lightweight devices with data compression and a tiny footprint, providing both security and efficiency between the endpoint device and the back of the cloud.

CENTRI Edge Data Extensions

New in Protected Sessions Version 4.0! Processing and decision-making can happen at gateways out in the field rather than being solely dependent on the cloud. Sometimes local decisions are necessary, especial if the link to the cloud goes down. The problem – how to secure data at the gateway while ensure that data going to the cloud is pristine and unaltered. The solution – use Edge Data Extensions to keep the data safe and your data integrity intact.

What’s New at CENTRI

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