5 Real-World Benefits of Data Encryption Software

5 Real-World Benefits of Data Encryption Software

Businesses that have already invested in traditional perimeter IT security firewalls and detection systems are continuously looking for something more to protect their data. Between external hackers and internal staff, protecting data in all states is too tall a task for most legacy solutions. To combat this trend, enterprises are considering data protection and specifically data encryption solutions as their next implementation. Encryption can be an excellent choice for businesses that are transferring large amounts of data and want to be certain that they are able to keep themselves safe from potential data theft. The issues with encryption solutions that are too heavy or negatively impact the user experience negatively are now in the past.

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Data breaches are a real problem for businesses of all sizes, although many smaller businesses wrongly assume that it is a problem that mostly affects larger brands. There are many benefits that encryption could bring to your company, outside of those that you might already suspect. If you are considering encryption for your business, you should take these benefits into account before making your decision.

1. Complete Data Protection

A complete encryption solution provides businesses and their owners with peace of mind because it protects data in all states – at rest and in transit. While perimeter security solutions can make it more difficult to access the data from the outside, once the network is breached your data is only as safe as the data encryption you employ. With the right encryption solution, you can go through each day knowing that your data is safe and that there is no reasonable way in which hackers could potentially get their hands on the raw data. It would take a brute-force style program more than a lifetime to successfully decode all of the information.

Although there are other means in which data could potentially be accessed, taking the simple step toward encryption helps to make the job too difficult for hackers that might ordinarily be interested in targeting your business.

2. Security Across Multiple Devices

With smartphones and other mobile devices gaining popularity in recent years, many companies have struggled to find a solution for keeping the data stored and passed through these devices s