Dear CISO – Your Single Most Important Objective

Dear CISO – Your Single Most Important Objective

Let’s say you’re the CISO. What is your single most important objective?

I think it’s spelled out in your title “information security,” and the single most important objective for you, or any CISO, is to protect the corporations’ information – the data. More specifically, it is to prevent the exfiltration of data.

Blog-Grant-CISO-1-SFWThe problem is, we in the security industry have been selling solutions to protect “where” the data is or how you access the data, but not the data itself. We’ve been beating at the leaves of the tree trying to kill it.

We need to get to the roots. And the roots of this tree protect the organizations’ data, preventing exfiltration of the data.

Now, imagine a burglar peering through the window of your home and inside they see your laptop, television, and other valuables. The intruder goes to the back of your home, finds an open window, and enters. Immediately after they enter your home, everything of value disappears. There is nothing for the burglar to steal. Arguably, if this were possible, no one would ever need to lock their doors.

Well, we haven’t figured out how to magically make all of your valuables disappear if an intruder enters your home, however – we can show you how to achieve the equivalent protection for your corporate network. If an organization can successfully protect (encrypt) their data, both at rest and in motion, theft truly becomes irrelevant. Moreover, many of the traditional security technologies being sold today also become far less relevant.

Like the home intrusion example, by protecting the data, the need for the traditional perimeter defense (firewall) breaks down. When you deploy a data protection platform utilizing CENTRI vault-less encryption all data, on all servers, is encrypted. All data in motion is encrypted. The only users able to ac