Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2016

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2016

This past week, June 13-15, members of the CENTRI team went to the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2016 event in National Harbor, MD. By all accounts, it was a successful conference full of opportunities to meet others in the data security and protection industry, learn about the current state of the industry, and come away with new contacts and ideas. Below, our executives share some of their best and most valuable insights and impressions from the show in this blog.

Vaughan Emery, CEO

The Gartner summit event started with a reality check that the state of security technology cannot stop data breaches. As a matter of fact, the prevailing thoughts are that a breach will eventually happen to every company.

At CENTRI, we agree that the velocity of attacks, the volume from within, and external attack vectors will increase. The only method to protect what matters most – the enterprise’s information, or data – is to double down on data-centric protection.

Through data-centric security, data can withstand a breach because the data becomes useless for all but trusted users and devices. The data-centric security approach both acknowledges the inevitable and proactively prevents stolen data to be anything other than “a bag of sand” to the thieves. Read more about Vaughan on LinkedIn.

Mike Mackey, CTO

The Gaylord Center in National Harbor, MD was a great location for a conference. The various speaking halls are all good sized with plenty of room for all interested attendees. Plenty of restaurants, hotels, and walking space along the river surround the facility.

The keynote on the first day was well done. It was in the format of a Security & Risk Use Case where the CISO organization in a fictional company, Connected Insurance, had 48 hours to put a Board presentation together highlighting the importance of security and the involvement of the security team in the planning and development of the Connected Insurance products.

As a vendor in the security and risk space, it was a great show to be at. Booth traffic in the exposition hall was 90% qualified potential customers and partners – unlike many other shows where the percentage is probably closer to 50%, at best.

From my perspective as an attendee, the vendors in the expo hall and the content of the presentations were all well-suited for the security and risk issues of today. In fact, the trends, challenges, and solution suggestions in the Gartner presentations were well coordinated, intentionally or otherwise, with the solutions offered by the vendors in the expo hall.

On day two, there was a guest keynote by General Colin Powell. Although his keynote was more focused on leadership in general than anything specifically tied to security or risk, he did occasionally make a connection between the two. Despite this, the keynote was exceptional. It is the second time I have heard him speak and both times he captivated the audience, expertly bouncing back and forth between seriousness and humor. Looking around there were not many people using phones, except to take pictures, from beginning to end.

Many of the Gartner sessions I attended left me with a good feeling for how well CENTRI is currently placed in the data protection market. Many of the presentations concerning data protection needs and ideal solutions described the products CENTRI already has or is in the process of building. It kind of made me wish I could have edited their slides ahead of their presentation and simply added our CENTRI logo. Read more about Mike on LinkedIn.

James Salter, Director of Marketing

“The put your data in a safe mentality is fatally flawed.” That was a statement on a slide from Brian Reed, Gartner Research Director, at one of the data security sessions that really stood out for me. I think that there are other mindsets from the past that we need to brush aside as we move toward a more secure future. There are many gaps between Cloud, mobile, and on-premises data use and inconsistent data security controls that provide challenges for enterprises as they attempt to secure their data. The old methods of network perimeter security simply do not cut it anymore. Data must be mapped to business risk and it must be secured consistently wherever it moves.

safe security

Another interesting session reviewed the past, present, and future of data security. In the past, regulations were compliance-driven and the buyer mindset was on “prevention” of incidents with manual approaches and poor security posture visibility. The present includes regulations that are risk-based and buyers are drawn towards more detection and response solutions. The really fascinating part is the future – this will include regulations that are driven by regionalization as national security drives government mandates and buyers are motivated to automate low-end security functions with deception as a defense mechanism. Attackers will focus more on digital business disruption rather than stealing data for financial gain with critical infrastructure and IoT-related technologies.

While in our booth at the vendor showcase speaking to attendees, most who stopped by had a real need to protect their data in transit and at rest. Many were unsure of how the private encryption that CENTRI deploys has evolved to allow organizations to achieve this without open source options like SSL/TSL. Once a brief explanation and demo was presented, the possibilities opened for these enterprises. The problem with the security industry as a whole is that we’ve been taught for years that you do things a certain way like “putting data in a safe” and anything new requires the faith of the most progressive CISOs who can grasp the new data-everywhere world. Read more about James on LinkedIn.

Gartner events are invaluable to the data protection and security industry. CENTRI looks forward to next year and another round of inspiring speakers, new faces, and current, cutting-edge information.

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About the Author: Jaimy McCarthy is the Digital Marketing Manager at CENTRI. Jaimy has experience in digital marketing, content development, and creative projects. Connect with Jaimy on LinkedIn.

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