The Single Biggest Problem with IoT

The Single Biggest Problem with IoT

July 26, 2017  |  Vaughan Emery

You’ve likely heard of this revolution called the Internet of Things or IoT. It’s already starting to dramatically change the way the world does business even if yours isn’t quite there yet. The economic value driven and human value created by IoT solutions will be enormous. Innovations such as connected medical devices with patients, doctors and healthcare companies can save lives. Automobiles will become smarter, autonomous and safer with IoT. Your home will feature automated services to bring energy efficiencies, cost savings and better protect your loved ones. Many companies are still figuring out the why-to-do and the what-to-do. But most haven’t figured out the single biggest problem with IoT. I’ll get to that in a moment.

It’s summer in the Pacific Northwest and that means the salmon are running. Early this Fall they will return to their place of origin. The salmon is a unique fish. It doesn’t do things like other species. It’s born in freshwater, but migrates to the sea, then returns to freshwater to spawn risking everything along the way. It’s an amazing process and fascinating creature. We in the business of cyber security can learn a lot from the salmon.

While every other fish does it the way they’ve always done it, the salmon does it differently. And that’s the main problem with IoT – the common approach to security is much like a school of ordinary fish, swimming together in the same direction because that’s what we’ve always done. Companies are up against a much more critical battle with IoT as we move from the paradigm of network firewall security to things in the wild that could cause even more damage or loss of life when compromised. It’s obvious from frequent news of hacks related to IoT technologies we aren’t doing nearly enough. We need to think like the salmon: swim against the current of thought of legacy security tools, don’t get sucked into the whirlpool of do-it-yourself solutions, or inadequate re-packaged enterprise products to solve these problems. IoT solutions demand unique security capabilities to protect an ever increasingly connected world. The only way to eliminate data security risk for the Internet of Things is to approach the problem different from the regular schools of thought.


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Vaughan Emery founded CENTRI in 2010 with a vision to deliver technology that helps to secure data and to improve network efficiencies. As the CEO and President, Vaughan is responsible for the company vision, strategic direction, planning and execution. Throughout his career, Mr. Emery has developed key business relationships for the Internet of Things with enterprises, OEMs and technology partners within the US, Asia and Europe. Vaughan’s career spans more than 20 years in leadership roles of early stage companies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.