Device Makers, Choose Your Weapon!

Device Makers, Choose Your Weapon!

September 21, 2017  |  Grant Asplund

There’s a ton of excitement in the embedded industry about IoT devices. From wearables and smart home gadgets to life-saving medical equipment, connected IoT devices are expected to be game-changing for the consumers and enterprises who use them and the companies who manufacture them.

While the rush to market is a little more like a careful series of cautious steps for most companies producing IoT devices, more and more devices are becoming available each day. With the forecasted market size to be enormous (50B-200B IoT devices by 2020), companies want to get an early beat on their competition. Some have already become important parts of everyday life: Nest thermostats, Amazon Echo, Wemo smart plugs, the AliveCor mobile heart monitor and the FitBark pet activity tracker are just some. Note: For a hot list of IoT products for the home be sure to visit

Industrial-grade IoT products are where the real levers of growth for IoT are happening. Manufacturing firms are starting to use IoT technologies to optimize operations and save costs with new devices. The transportation industry is using sensors and equipment to improve passenger and product safety and satisfaction. Healthcare firms are looking to IoT devices to deliver more efficient and safer healthcare with more accurate data for health providers and patients.

All use cases for IoT however, share one thing in common, they absolutely must be secure.

In a recent webinar held by CENTRI, participants were asked who is ultimately responsible for IoT security. The #1 answer was the device maker.

With such high expectation, device makers have an enormous opportunity. Yet, what we hear is device makers are not stepping up.

In order for device makers to fully realize this opportunity (using an analogy from hand to hand combat) they [device makers] must view security as a sword and not as a shield. They must proactively implement security that has been built and designed for IoT. They must move to an offensive posture when it comes to offering and promoting their ‘security’ offerings.

CENTRI has thought this problem through and has developed the perfect ‘sword’ – IoTAS, a standards-based IoT security platform to authenticate devices and secure and optimize data from chip to Cloud. It’s designed for device makers who want provide their customers with advanced security, built and designed specifically for IoT. We look forward to talking directly with device makers at the upcoming IoT Device Security Summit on September 28 or in Barcelona at IoT Solutions World Congress October 3-5, on how we can help them get to market faster with a more secure offering. As an IoT device maker, the market is expecting you to produce secure devices. Raise your sword and seize the opportunity.


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Grant Asplund is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at CENTRI. Grant has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and management in enterprise software. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on IoT security online and presenting at industry events. Connect with Grant on LinkedIn.