Managing Data Security Risks in a Resource-Constrained Embedded IoT Environment

May 30, 2018  |  Mike Mackey

It seems we are rapidly entering the phase with the Internet of Things (IoT) where it is harder to find a device that isn’t “smart” than to find one that is.

In the past, if you wanted a smart refrigerator, you went to the appliance store and you took what you could get, as there weren’t many to choose from. Now, as we enter an era where there is a plethora of smart devices to choose from, it might be time to start paying attention to the fine print on the packaging – most importantly which ones actually take data security seriously and which ones not-so-much.

Just last week, researchers in the U.K. warned that tens of millions of smart home devices are now vulnerable to hacks that could lead to data theft or even physical break-ins, showing by example how easy it was to access one of those keyless connected door locks.

Typically, these smart devices collect or have access to lots of personal information about your habits, your health, your family, etc. Most of the time these devices need this information in order to provide the smart benefits that make us purchase them in the first place. But is this convenience at a cost – how are each of these different devices keeping that information safe?

The technical complications faced by developing and providing those smart devices in the first place create lots of potential data security gaps and loop holes. Join me at IoT DevCon 2018, as we take a look at several key challenges these smart solutions face that directly impact the security of those devices and your data.

Internet of Things Developers Conference
June 5-6, 2018
Santa Clara, CA
CTO Talk @ 2:30pm on Day 1
Bring your questions to booth #G7


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Mike Mackey is the CTO at CENTRI, responsible for the continued leadership and development of the company’s IoT security solutions. Mike brings tremendous depth and experience leading teams that build market-leading products, and his strong customer focus is one of the keys to the continued growth of CENTRI. Mike heads up a team of highly productive software engineers to design and develop innovative, enterprise-grade solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn.