Swytch Engages CENTRI’s Protected Sessions to Enable a Layered Security Architecture for Devices Utilizing Swytch’s Blockchain-Based Platform

Swytch Engages CENTRI’s Protected Sessions to Enable a Layered Security Architecture for Devices Utilizing Swytch’s Blockchain-Based Platform

Tracking and Verifying the Impact of Sustainability Efforts and Actions on the Worldwide Level of CO2 Emissions Requires a Secure and Trusted Internet of Things (IoT)

SEATTLE, WA and AUSTIN, TX – November 14, 2018 – Swytch, a blockchain-based clean energy platform, and CENTRI Technology, a leading provider of IoT data security software, announced today that Swytch will be using CENTRI’s Protected Sessions offering to ensure maximum security for devices utilizing the Swytch Open “Oracle” technology that acts as a distributed authority for tracking renewable energy utilization.

Swytch awards tokens to people, companies and other organizations that make a meaningful and measurable difference in reducing the emissions that endanger our planet. Using a reward-based system that acknowledges the efforts of all those who embrace and support sustainability by the actions they take, Swytch changes the game in favor of renewables. Although improved renewable technology is very important, the real key to creating a more sustainable future is changing people’s behavior, both on a macro and micro scale.

“What CENTRI brings to the leading edge of the Swytch ecosystem is the means to continuously authenticate and securely communicate with Swytch-registered devices on a global basis,” said Evan Caron, CEO of Swytch. “The world has already started pricing the full cost of carbon and climate change into every day economic activities, especially in the energy sector. Existing programs meant to facilitate this process are structurally deficient and do not encompass the vast majority of carbon and people. Blockchain and tokenization can solve many of the issues with current systems and empower everyone to take a more active role in accelerating the adoption of renewable supply and sustainability programs.”

CENTRI, along with their subsidiary Atonomi, provides the ability for a variety of heterogeneous IoT devices to interact in a trusted, authenticated manor, also by using blockchain technology. And CENTRI Protected Sessions can be used on virtually any IoT device to provide a further layer of protocol and communication channel agnostic security, further ensuring a trusted IoT environment.

“What Swytch is doing is fantastic for providing verifiable data on renewable energy production and sustainable behavior. We see increasing emphasis on sustainability metrics which will likely be a component of impact-based valuation in the future,” said Robert Strickland, CEO of CENTRI. “As the world moves toward greater requirements involving sustainability and impact valuation using tools like those seen in the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we think what Swytch is offering will be essential. But in order for this to happen, the underlying infrastructure depends on trust, and we are delighted to be working with Swytch to provide those capabilities.”


About Swytch

Swytch was created by a team of energy and technology experts to address the market failures that have resulted in inadequate adoption of renewable energy assets and sustainability programs. Our goal is to accelerate adoption of renewable energy, mitigate the impact of climate change and encourage energy development and sustainable behavior in the areas of greatest need. The team combines deep technical expertise with a true passion for the mission at hand.


About CENTRI Technology and Atonomi

CENTRI provides advanced data security for the Internet of Things. Our flexible, software-only products provide IoT professionals, developers and device makers with the means to quickly get to market with purpose-built IoT security, protecting data from creation to consumption. CENTRI enables you to mitigate today’s data communication risks in a standards-based network infrastructure with heavyweight industry-standard encryption and compression, packed into a lightweight small footprint ideal for low-power IoT endpoint devices.

Atonomi, the blockchain-based product business unit of CENTRI, is the creator of the universal trust environment for IoT. Atonomi security software validates immutable device identity as well as enables device interoperability and reputation for a connected world. Through the application of blockchain technology, Atonomi aims to empower developers to build IoT solutions on its platform which will enable secure IoT transactions.

For more information, visit centritechnology.com, atonomi.io and swytch.io.


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