CENTRI – Advanced Security for IoT

Welcome to CENTRI, an IoT advanced security company that protects your most valuable asset in the Internet of Things – your data. CENTRI provides advanced security for the Internet of Things. Our technology helps organizations secure what matters most – their data – by seamlessly integrating into their existing applications and services in the cloud, data centers, connected devices, and products. CENTRI eliminates the risk of data exfiltration and loss of equipment command by establishing trusted devices and advanced encryption technology while retaining complete visibility to your data. IoT developers and innovators rely on CENTRI to protect the full lifecycle of their data – in transit, at rest, and on the endpoint.

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Introducing IoTAS – Internet of Things Advanced Security:

CENTRI’s Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS, includes a suite of tools and resources enabling IoT developers to easily implement complete private data encryption and optimization designed specifically for IoT. IoTAS operates in cache memory to reduce CPU usage and prevent low-powered devices from running hot. Increase protection, get to market faster with pre-configured software, and replace insufficient open source security tools with a patented, complete solution for encryption you can trust. Simple installation. Lightweight load for a battery-operated world. Purpose-built for IoT.  Peace of mind for you.