Challenges Facing the Automotive Industry and IoT Security

The Internet of Things promises enormous improvements in safety and efficiencies in the automotive industry from connected vehicles, cars, planes, trains, buses, ferry boats. Some of the actual changes to connected traffic devices will involve traffic signals, digital signs, toll readers, and traffic cameras along with the vehicles themselves. The benefits of connecting all these things should also reduce traffic congestion, pollution and full efficiency. The technical hurdles to-date have centered more around how do we connect all the vehicles and devices and less on security. As a result, most of the things in transportation are connected with traditional networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless, and satellite that carry the same potential vulnerabilities that we have seen over the past few years in the enterprise.

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CENTRI Benefits

The CENTRI IoTAS suite offers an innovative and scalable, software-only IoT security solution to help transportation companies to address the new problems of data security. With complete encryption, your data is safe in all states – at rest, in motion, and in use on endpoints. Secure central command of transportation equipment is assured with an IoT security layer that works with existing infrastructure and devices. IoTAS technology secures transportation data whether stored on a remote traffic device, in a vehicle, at a centralized data or control center or in transit between any of these points. With additional device authentication mechanisms it helps detect tampering of remote devices. IoTAS also optimizes the data in transit to help reduce any bandwidth costs and the data at rest to improve storage capabilities on devices up to 80% where storage may be limited.

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