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June 2016

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2016

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This past week, June 13-15, members of the CENTRI team went to the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2016 event in National Harbor, MD. By all accounts, it was a successful conference full of opportunities to meet others in the data security and protection industry, learn about the current state of the industry, and [...]

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Protect Your Valuable Asset: Your Data

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In the world of paper and coin, if I want to protect my valuables – things like stock certificates, my grandfather’s watch, etc., I would put them in a safe deposit box at the bank. Of course, there are numerous other options: under the mattress, in the breadbox, in a coffee can buried in the back yard under the big [...]

Encryption: Could it Be a Key to Bridge the Gap Between Security and Privacy?

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Earlier in 2016, after the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) engaged in a legal battle with Apple over the unlocking of a particular iPhone device, little they knew it would reignite and escalate the old debate between security and privacy to unprecedented levels. On one hand, security advocates claim that one of the main [...]

May 2016

Dear CISO – Your Single Most Important Objective

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Let’s say you’re the CISO. What is your single most important objective? I think it’s spelled out in your title “information security,” and the single most important objective for you, or any CISO, is to protect the corporations’ information – the data. More specifically, it is to prevent the exfiltration of data. The problem is, [...]

March 2016

5 Real-World Benefits of Data Encryption Software

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Businesses that have already invested in traditional perimeter IT security firewalls and detection systems are continuously looking for something more to protect their data. Between external hackers and internal staff, protecting data in all states is too tall a task for most legacy solutions. To combat this trend, enterprises are considering data protection and specifically data encryption solutions as [...]

January 2016

It’s Time for a New Approach to DDoS Mitigation for Your Business

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Any business that has found themselves under a DDoS attack knows just how damaging it can be. DDoS attacks can suspend the availability of your products or services for hours, sometimes even days, without the right security measures. What is a DDoS Attack? DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service. This is an attack that hackers or [...]

July 2015

Think Like the Bad Guys: How CIOs Can Plan for Future Cyberattacks

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On a recent vacation, my family and I went to Washington D.C. to visit all the great memorials, museums, and government buildings that represent a lot of the history of this great country. Two of our favorite museums were the Crime Museum and the International Spy Museum. The International Spy Museum was filled with fascinating [...]

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The Three Little Pigs and Network Security

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The Three Little Pigs is a timeless classic. You remember it, right? Three pigs. Two of them spent their time slacking off and built really flimsy houses out of sticks and straw. The third pig worked really hard and built a strong house out of brick. Once the big bad wolf comes calling, he makes [...]

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June 2015

Encrypt Everything, Period: Enterprises Today Cannot Leave Their Data Exposed

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Cyber security is top of mind for every corporate executive, while consumers read the headlines about recent data breaches and wonder if these enterprises are doing enough to protect their data. Most corporations and consumers are relying on outdated security solutions that were believed to be sufficient just a few years ago. That is not [...]

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April 2015

Looking for Financial Security?

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Willie Sutton never said he robbed banks because that’s where the money is, but that logic still motivates plenty of other folks, including hackers. They’re increasingly using distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to distract banks’ security and IT staff so they can steal electronic funds. Most DDoS attacks on financial services firms are still [...]

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