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IoT Security Challenges for Home Automation

The connected home offers consumers smart devices to achieve new efficiencies from HVAC, security monitoring, lighting and household appliances which are remotely controlled and monitored via mobile applications and the Cloud. As an OEM, you produce these products with basic security layers for the devices that access a local gateway and Wi-Fi network in the home of customers back to your Cloud. Open source security solutions such as SSL/TLS expose the data in motion via the device and the mobile application. Additional at rest solutions require costly key management appliances for you. Smart home devices are at risk for hackers to assume control via weak or non-existent equipment authentication such as user passwords. Your customers want these new product benefits but are concerned about the basic security and functionality of household devices. Your brand and reputation are on the line with enormous risk to repair any security flaws in market.


home automation
home automation

CENTRI Secures the Connected Home

The CENTRI IoTAS platform is a scalable, software-only solution to meet the IoT security problems facing home automation devices. With complete encryption and optimization of the data via applications and the Cloud and additional authentication of devices, your home automation equipment and data are secured and compression in all states – at rest, in motion and on any endpoints. IoTAS operates in cache memory for 20% better efficiency to ensure increased uptime for low power or battery-powered home automation devices. The flexibility of the solution allows you to implement across the many different areas that you need to secure in home automation from mobile applications, smart appliances to the Cloud.


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