Challenges Facing Industrial Manufacturing and IoT Security

Industrial manufacturing is using IoT connected equipment and devices to reap the benefits of better insights to machine performance and preventative maintenance. Information needs to be shared efficiently and securely between manufacturers, customers and partners to maintain confidentiality of materials and control of equipment. Much of this information flows across the Cloud, internal networks, and connected devices. With coming innovations from the Internet of Things, manufacturers will also create exciting new opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings using sensors, applications, Cloud and equipment. All of these elements from Cloud to IoT applications and equipment require a new set of data security to prevent the appropriation of confidential information or the loss of control of connected equipment.

industrial manufacturing
industrial manufacturing

CENTRI Benefits

The CENTRI IoTAS suite offers an innovative and scalable, software-only IoT security solution to help manufacturers address the new problems of data security. With complete encryption, your intellectual property and your equipment is safe in all states – at rest, in motion, and in use on endpoints. Secure central command of unmanned manufacturing equipment is assured with an IoT security layer that works with existing infrastructure and devices. Uptime is a key business metric that IoTAS achieves with low drain on system resources for battery-powered devices you produce and distribute to your customers.

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