IoT Security Challenges For OEMs & ODMs

Technology drives innovation for the world of Internet of Things and technology manufacturers continue to deliver new productive solutions based on Cloud, mobile and applications. In this era of connectivity and IoT technology, firms are putting their reputations on the line whether they are an OEM brand name or a trusted contract manufacturer. They must ensure that their solutions deliver efficiencies along with security of the data and the services themselves. Bringing an insecure solution to market does nothing to help your customers and end users or to improve your reputation in the marketplace. From silicon to hardware components and software, OEMs and ODMs must deal with stiff competition, high customer expectations and cybersecurity threats that can stop a business in its tracks. As security risks become more sophisticated, keeping pace with stronger solutions offered to customers and for their own businesses with their own industry regulations can be a real challenge for technology providers entering the IoT market. Security is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have.

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technology providers

CENTRI Secures OEM & ODM Devices

Stand out from the crowd with uniquely secure and efficient devices. The CENTRI IoTAS platform offers an innovative and scalable, software-only solution to meet the problems facing today’s OEMs & ODMs for the Internet of Things. With complete data encryption and simultaneous optimization, your customers’ IoT data is safe and compressed in all states – as it moves in and out of the Cloud, applications or devices. Should a hacker manage to illicitly remove IoT data from your devices or the Cloud, they will be unable to put it to use – meaning that the data will remain safe. IoTAS technology is extremely efficient with single pass encryption/optimization, 50% less calls, and 50x faster handshake vs SSL/TLS that you would have to build internally. IoTAS was designed for optimal performance of low power IoT devices – it operates in cache memory, with 20% less use of CPU for up to 30% more uptime of battery-powered devices. IoTAS also ensures device authentication by exchanging unique equipment ID with the server and featuring “certificate-free” technology to deliver a 100% trusted device experience.

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