IoTAS: Cache-mapping Technology

Cache-mapping Technology

Encrypting data requires precise algorithms. Compressing data also requires a rigorous process but is fundamentally different from encryption. In a normal system and normal software, data is often only encrypted or compressed – not both. When both are desired, they are done in separate steps. This requires double (or more) the battery use, CPU power, and time. All critical resources.

CENTRI uses proprietary cache-mapping technology to eliminate the need for a second set of operations on the data. By encrypting and compressing in one pass rather than two, CENTRI can save you and your customer’s critical resources.

How Cache-mapping Technology Works

When data is about to be encrypted or compressed it is placed into a buffer/cache, then read, manipulated with a specific algorithm, and finally written to an output buffer/cache. CENTRI has developed proprietary technology protected by multiple patents that combine these steps into a single integrated step using a single cache via cache-mapping technology. This innovative approach significantly reduces the time and resources required for data encryption and compression.

Encryption is still performed using industry standard, proven, trusted methods, but is now accomplished with the added benefit of cache-mapping that results in faster execution and significantly smaller data output (up to 80% compression).

Cache-mapping Technology Benefits

  • Does not compromise on standards-based encryption
  • Security is not diminished in any way
  • Output data is significantly smaller (up to 80% compression)
  • Proprietary, patented technology
  • Uses significantly less battery, <2% CPU, and time than traditional methodologies