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IoTAS: Data Governance

Chip to Cloud Data Governance

On a PC or laptop, you can create a document, email a file, download some email, and do so without rigid security protocols. You’re in your own zone, your own world, and your data is yours. But out in the real world of IoT devices storing data remotely and communicating with the Cloud across public network infrastructure and multiple stakeholders, data governance is of paramount importance.

Is the data secure while it’s waiting for upload? Is it safe in transit to partners and end-users? What if the network fails and it goes out instead on a fail-over unsecured cellular network? Once it gets to the Cloud is it really safe to unauthorized users? With CENTRI you won’t have to ask these questions.

CENTRI helps you govern your data with impunity, providing reliable, safe data both at rest and in motion, through software specifically designed for the emerging IoT world where nothing is really safe and everything is always exposed. Reduce your exposure and protect all of your data today with CENTRI.

How Data Governance Works

CENTRI has developed two different data security products designed for two similar yet very different specific needs: data that is moving from device to device/Cloud (like clicking the “buy now” button for a store in a web browser), and data that is at rest (like a file or document on your PC).

CENTRI Secure Communications (CSC) for data in motion uses state-of-the-art industry standard streaming encryption ciphers that use the same technologies trusted by Apple, Google, NIST, and the NSA. CENTRI Data Protection (CDP) for data at rest additionally solves problems such as multi-user access, vault-less key storage, certificate-less transactions, and tiny software footprint to fit on today’s tiny IoT devices. With integration to other back-office systems and BI tools with APIs you can also benefit with business productivity plus protection.

Use CENTRI’s purpose-built IoT data security products today to provide data governance for your systems and devices.

Data Governance Benefits

  • Data Governance is required in the IoT world to ensure safety
  • Specialized products for data at rest and data in motion
  • Industry standard encryption trusted by Apple, Google, NIST, and the NSA
  • Tiny software footprint for today’s tiny IoT devices