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IoTAS: Encryption


In this fully-monitored modern world, we must all assume that everything we transmit and store electronically is being watched and recorded. The only true security and path to privacy of information and communication is to hide the data through encryption. However, not all encryption is created equal, and not all encryption was designed for use in all situations. Having encryption that fits your specific IoT needs is just as important as wearing clothes that are the right size. Too big or too small just doesn’t work.

Don’t trust your IoT data security to old school legacy tools or wrong fit enterprise products.. and don’t try DIY – leave it to true IoT security experts. Use top-tier industry standard, mathematically proven, expert-vetted encryption standards with CENTRI.

How Encryption Works

CENTRI uses industry standard encryption combined with proprietary, patented optimizations specifically designed for the world of IoT. And in preparation for the future, we use quantum-safe symmetric key encryption, AES, and Salsa20/ChaCha20. Keys are exchanged using the same proven technologies used by Apple, Google, and recommended by NIST and the NSA.

CENTRI smart cipher technology uses symmetric key data encryption with a published, high-speed, stream cipher with no known vulnerabilities to date. With CENTRI you get the best of both worlds – trusted standards-based encryption with innovative compression and optimization, all built specifically for the world of IoT. In addition, CENTRI offers complete visibility and intelligence to encrypted data activity with user-friendly management consoles.


Encryption Benefits

  • Industry standard symmetric key encryption
  • Data security for both data in motion and data at rest
  • Same tech used by Apple and Google, and trusted by NIST and the NSA
  • Ultra-efficient and fast single-pass data protection
  • 100% encrypted handshake, never a byte in the clear versus alternative methods