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IoTAS: Forensics and Analytics

Forensics and Analytics

Keeping your data safe and minimizing network traffic is critical for IoT. But what happens when a session fails, a device becomes suspicious, or when you just want to see the metrics on how much data is flowing through your devices and where that data is originating and landing. Flying blind is not an option and without management tools, this additional information is not available unless you’re an IT specialist with access to complex, unwieldy log files and knowledge of cumbersome, complicated commands.

CENTRI provides comprehensive forensics and analytics management tools for business users in your IoT infrastructure, enabling them to see what’s happening within your network in a glance.

How Forensics and Analytics Work

CENTRI monitors five steps to a complete round-trip session in our CSC technology. If any of the five steps fail the session is terminated. This information can be used as a fantastic tool to protect your IoT devices from DDOS attacks and other potential problems with untrusted devices or services attempting to tap into the communications network.

Using the CENTRI analytics management system, you can see the handshake and session information metrics and dig down to see failed or error-prone connections and sessions. Statistics are gathered and aggregated each minute, hour, and 24 hour period, and sent to an ETL application for your review. And for time periods of 3, 4, and 5 days, our automated forensics tools search for anomalies and alert you if suspicious activity is occurring.

Unlike traditional web/internet based data security that simply encrypts, CENTRI IoTAS provides the business user with the ability to monitor and investigate problems without complex IT infrastructures or specialists.

Forensics and Analytics Benefits

  • Analytics provide session and handshake information for the current minute, hour, and day
  • Forensics provide anomaly detection of suspicious or problematic events over a multiple day period
  • Designed for business users, an easy-to-use web-based graphic user interface makes it easy to take advantage of these powerful tools for visibility into all data security activity