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IoTAS: Optimization


Today’s small IoT devices with small CPUs and small batteries have to be optimized for minimal resource use. The explosion of data transmissions from IoT can burden network bandwidth and storage costs in the Cloud. Data security cannot be compromised and has to evolve in this new environment.

CENTRI uses both industry standard encryption and proprietary patented technology to process data and transform it into a revolutionary new form where it is safe, secure, and small both while in transit and at rest. The optimization of the entire process is at the heart of CENTRI IoTAS.

How Optimization Works

Encryption usually makes data grow/expand. Compression makes it smaller but without data protection. CENTRI does both, simultaneously.

Unlike traditional systems where data is encrypted first and then compressed in a second step, CENTRI encrypts and compresses the data simultaneously using a single copy (cache) of the data. This dual process has now been optimized by CENTRI. Whether you choose our streaming ciphers utilizing Salsa20, ChaCha20, symmetric keys, and ECC key exchange in our CSC product or encryption in our CDP product, both the final data output and the operations on that data are extremely efficient.

Optimized for data size, protection (encryption), CPU use, and battery life – totally optimized data security by the IoT Security professionals at CENTRI.

Optimization Benefits

  • Final data is protected with top-tier industry standard encryption
  • Final data is significantly smaller (up to 80%) than the original anywhere it exists
  • Very low battery power and <2% CPU cycle usage