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IoTAS: User Administration

User Administration

In any system where critical information is available it is important to always understand and control who has access. Data security is no exception. Many people think data encryption is a do-it-and-forget-it operation, but by looking at problems that sometimes occur during the process you can gain great insight into your overall data security and reliability of your devices.

CENTRI Insights forensics and analytics management tools help you to understand what’s going on within your device networks. Make sure the right people have access and that other people don’t!

How User Administration Works

CENTRI forensics and analytics management tools can be made available to different individuals within your organization. Access can be restricted based on role/job function to make sure people only have access to the information they require.

CENTRI Secure Communications (CSC) is currently managed through a web interface, and CENTRI Data Protection (CDP) will be added to the web interface in the near future. Create logins, administrate users, control access, and ensure that only trusted individuals can access the reports and data in the forensics and analytics tools.

User Administration Benefits

  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • Control which users have access to which tools
  • Administer both the forensics tools and the analytics tools