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IoTAS: Vault-less

Vault-less Technology

Data and files protected with encryption require keys to open. Deciding who you can trust with those keys typically requires either certificates (traditional Internet/web) or IoT specific device trust (CENTRI). Along with traditional certificates comes the need for key vaults and storage facilities, all of which must be kept secure, monitored, and maintained.

CENTRI solves these problems with a vault-less security system. Much like a mobile wallet, CENTRI Data Protection (CDP) protected files carry encrypted, safe, and compact identification and credentials that enable CDP to encrypt and decrypt valid files for valid users without the need for a key vault. Less complexity, reduced overhead, more usability, and happier IT staff and end-users – all with CENTRI.

How Vault-less Technology Works

Each file protected with CDP contains both the encrypted/compressed contents of the original file as well as a block containing encrypted security information. This security area (header) helps CDP determine which users have access to a file, which keys are valid, and how to handle access to that specific file.

By attaching this information to the file itself rather than requiring a huge, cumbersome vault, CENTRI enables you to better manage your data at rest with the same assurance of security provided by vault-based technologies. Nothing is compromised by using CENTRI vault-less protection.

Although you might find you need fewer resources to buy, maintain, monitor, and manage an un-needed key vault/certificate storage system, the flexibility of CENTRI IoTAS still allows you to work with traditional key management systems if that is your strategy.

Vault-less Technology Benefits

  • No expensive 3rd-party key vaults
  • Reduced operating expense for staff and licensed technologies
  • Foolproof mobile key wallets handle the complexity all on its own
  • Easy to control file access control lists
  • Transparent to the end user of the actual encrypted files