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Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS

Purpose-Built IoT Security

CENTRI Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS is a complete, standards-based IoT security platform enabling IoT manufacturers and developers to easily implement device integrity, data protection, optimization and data intelligence into their products and services.

The flexible, software-only solution is embedded from chip to Cloud to secure and compress all data in motion and at rest, to protect data privacy and eliminate the risk of launching IoT products. IoTAS uses modern encryption, patented cache mapping technology and efficient algorithms resulting in superior security and device performance.

Get to market faster and replace insufficient DIY tools with a patented, purpose-built IoT security solution you can trust.

IoTAS Protects Your IoT Data and Devices

CENTRI IoTAS installs on endpoints, gateways and the Cloud with a footprint as small as 65kB with IoT security that’s baked in, not bolted on. The solution establishes device integrity using hardware-based ID on initialization between device and the Cloud to ensure only known, trusted endpoints can communicate. IoTAS encrypts and optimizes all data simultaneously on or between those connections – endpoint to Cloud, endpoint to endpoint or Cloud to Cloud.

User-friendly administrative dashboards provide intelligence and insights to manage devices and access forensics and analytics on all security data. IoTAS supports multiple APIs to connect to other business intelligence systems and back office solutions.

IoTAS is Complete, Flexible and Intelligent

As an IoT developer your expertise is delivering the latest IoT innovation. Ours is securing it. Let us take the difficulty and risk out of IoT security for you and your customers. IoTAS delivers peace of mind, speed, and simplicity for IoT developers tasked with securing their IoT offering.


  • Data governance
    Every byte is optimized and encrypted – no byte is ever sent in the clear; only trusted stakeholders can access the data
  • Fast, secure authentication without certificates
    Certificate-less technology uses hardware-based ID to establish device integrity
  • Cache mapping technology and efficient algorithms
    <2% CPU utilization maximizes uptime of low power mission-critical devices
  • Simplified key management
    “Vault-less” technology removes the expense and risk of key management and an HSM for data at rest
  • Protected data anywhere
    Encrypt data and send from endpoint to Cloud or across multiple scenarios
  • Security data intelligence
    Complete visibility to your data and devices with forensics, analytics and user administration


  • Complete risk mitigation
    Stop piecing together separate security tools that leave you exposed – IoTAS provides complete protection of your data in all states to reduce your risk
  • Get to market faster
    Today’s IoT market is a race – IoTAS is turnkey so you don’t waste time getting it to work; faster time to market, happier product teams and customers
  • Simple to deploy
    Platform agnostic, designed for IoT developers in mind with simple replacement of insufficient DIY tools such as SSL/TLS
  • Handles the data spike
    The increase in data traffic from IoT squeezes networks and Cloud storage, IoTAS compresses the data up to 80% to save bandwidth and Cloud storage costs
  • Purpose-built for IoT
    Small 65kB footprint, provides complete data and device integrity, designed for the trusted endpoints of IoT

IoTAS Uses Widely Accepted Industry Standard Cryptography

Device Security

Key Exchange

Data Encryption

Message Authentication

Key Derivation Function

Hardware-based ID to guarantee IoT device authenticityElliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Cryptography (ECDH) 25519 (Daniel Bernstein) used by Apple iOSSalsa20 (Daniel Bernstein) symmetric key cipher certified by EU eStreamChaCha20 (Daniel Bernstein) secret-key message authentication code used by Google ChromeSHA-512 (FIPS 180-2 publication) cryptographic hash function designed by the National Security Agency

Technical Specifications




  • Mbed, bare metal, Free RTOS, Linux
  • Minimal footprint as small as 65kB
  • RAM usage typically 8-10kB
  • Low power MCUs supported – Arm Cortex M4
  • Low CPU usage of 1-3%
  • Encrypt and compress data streams with CENTRI CSC
  • Store and forward or store, aggregate and forward with CENTRI CDP
  • M2M using CENTRI CDP via BLE, LoRa, network independent
  • Gateway/Fog – Arm, Intel, CPUs on Linux
  • Mobile – Android, iOS for mobile apps
  • Deployed entirely on your infrastructure
  • AWS, Azure, your data center
  • Secure TCP/IP sessions with CENTRI CSC
  • Secure data storage in database with CENTRI CDP
  • REST APIs for decrypting/decompressing CENTRI secured data