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Why IoT Security

A New Game Requires New Rules

The Internet of Things has amazing potential to better people’s lives, generate efficiencies, increase safety, save costs and create value around the world. It has also shifted the way people are thinking about future business models and how to best support those with IT solutions.

The problem is IoT is much different than any other IT initiatives of the past. The game has changed and so have the rules.

IoT is purpose-built to solve specific business outcomes of today and tomorrow. Securing IoT is also purpose-built and unlike any other computing device or platform we’ve secured over the last three decades. IoT requires security to be designed into the device. And because edge devices live in the wild and communicate with Cloud services, elements such as authentication, identity, data security and protection must all be built-in so your data and your devices are safe anywhere.

“70 percent of IoT devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks”
– HP Internet of Things State of the Union Study

Consider the Threats

IoT is multi-dimensional and opens attack vectors to data, devices and systems. Edge devices, gateways, mobile applications and the Cloud are the key pieces where IoT innovations are happening but valuable data will emerge as the true currency of IoT.

While there is no single silver bullet to address all IoT threats, a more complete solution is required than DIY pieces stitched together to protect data and devices while providing you visibility and intelligence to all activity.

CENTRI IoTAS is purpose-built to eliminate many IoT security threats inside and outside your organization.

Eliminate Your Risk

Because of the critical importance of IoT in today’s IT infrastructure, the need for commercial solutions to secure, manage and maintaining IoT has exploded. Companies are now passing the threshold of tolerance for using open source or DIY solutions to tackle the complexity of IoT security.

Whether at the chip level or as part of the software stack on the device, developers need to break the habit of relying on legacy technology used for securing past devices, and look to more complete solutions specifically designed to protect today’s IoT data.

CENTRI IoTAS delivers proven protection from chip to Cloud to eliminate IoT security risk with intelligence and visibility to all activity.

Why CENTRI vs. DIY Solutions

  • More complete security eliminates your risk
  • Speeds time-to-market vs DIY efforts
  • Edge device data is protected anywhere from chip to Cloud
  • Flexible installations in endpoints, gateways, apps and the Cloud