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While SSL/TLS is used by more than a million public web sites, it remains vulnerable to a wide range of attacks. Even a tech giant such as Google was the victim of an SSL hack. Read this white paper and find out how to avoid trouble

The practice of turning the physical world into actionable data by creating an “Internet of Things” (IoT) is creating fascinating new opportunities, but also new and complex security challenges. Review CENTRI’s white paper to find out more about new ways to think about security.

The CENTRI IoTAS Platform offers an innovative and scalable, software-only solution to meet the problems facing energy and utilities firms. Watch this video for more information.

Watch and listen as our experts explain the prevalence and importance of protecting and securing transportation data.

Curious about what a data breach can cost an organization? View this infographic to find out just how expensive this can be.

The word is out – the world needs better data security and CENTRI can provide it. View the statistics in this infographic to find out more.

IoT industries rely on CENTRI to seamlessly protect the full lifecycle of their data – on the endpoint, in transit, and in storage. SC Magazine is offering three free CENTRI white papers. For more information visit:

CENTRI’s Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS, is a suite of software tools and resources enabling developers to easily implement private data encryption and optimization into their products and services.

In this episode of the IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Grant Asplund, about IoT development, security and the role of the developer in new defenses.

This white paper offers five new rules for developers to consider when choosing security for their applications with a strong focus on protecting the most valuable asset in the equation – the data. Read now!

This paper introduces CENTRI’s new IoTAS solution for secure communications, and contrasts it with the SSL/TLS protocol. Learn more about this topic now.