Use Case: Automotive

IoT Accelerates Automotive Innovations

The Internet of Things promises enormous improvements in services, safety and efficiencies with connected vehicles and infrastructure. Today’s cars include applications, Cloud, and onboard sensors that exchange gigabytes of data every day.

The connected car will deliver better in-vehicle experiences such as remote commands to start and unlock the car, real-time diagnostics for preventative maintenance, navigation services, connection with insurance companies to lower rates for safe drivers and both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure services.

IoT Security Challenges for Automotive

As the car more closely resembles a mobile device so do the security and safety concerns. Consumers want new in-vehicle services but car manufacturers and suppliers cannot compromise on safety and security.

  • Secure satellite links, gateways, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connections
  • Close the door on command of vehicle controls, denial of services, theft and manipulation of confidential data
  • Protecting the data, maintaining services and ensuring command of vehicle controls are essential
  • Security solutions must be simple to install for OEMs without negatively impacting user experiences

CENTRI IoTAS Secures the Connected Car

The CENTRI IoTAS platform offers a flexible and scalable, software-only IoT security solution to help automotive companies address the new problems of data security with the connected car from chip to Cloud.

IoTAS has a footprint of only 65kB and easily installs on chips, mobile apps, middleware appliances and the Cloud.

Equipment integrity, data encryption and simultaneous data optimization of up to 80% ensure secure command of vehicle controls while confidential application data is safe and compressed in all states – at rest, in motion and on endpoints.

IoTAS Deployment

  • Automobile sensors
  • Mobile application
  • Gateway appliance
  • Cloud
  • Databases and distributed servers

IoTAS Secures

  • Remote car functions
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Navigation
  • Telematics

CENTRI IoTAS Benefits for Automotive

  • Flexible installation in car sensors, apps and Cloud
  • Complete security protects your valuable brand
  • Intelligence with device management and analytics
  • Bandwidth and Cloud storage savings