Use Case: Healthcare

IoT Breathes New Life into Healthcare

The Internet of Things applied to healthcare could have wonderful impact on the quality of our lives. Patients could be safer and healthier, while providers greatly improve how they deliver medical care. Connected medical devices could improve patient engagement with better remote access to information.

The insights and timeliness of critical data sharing could keep families informed, create efficiencies in treatments and also allow patients to spend more quality time receiving care from doctors.

IoT Security Challenges for Healthcare

Healthcare companies and medical device providers face a unique set of security challenges from the Internet of Things. Firms seek to reduce costs and improve efficiencies by developing solutions and devices to work with the Cloud.

  • Authentication of medical devices connected to the Cloud
  • Protecting data to meet strict HIPAA and HITECH regulations
  • Patient data exposure on devices via applications and in the Cloud
  • Sharing patient data securely across trusted stakeholders
  • Low power devices run hot with less uptime using heavy load security
  • Footprint limitations for security solution on small medical devices
  • Bandwidth or network constraints with large data transmissions
  • Risk of device or data breaches to harm patients and providers

CENTRI IoTAS Secures Healthcare IoT

The CENTRI IoTAS platform provides advanced security to help meet the rigorous healthcare industry regulations of data privacy and secure devices from external threats and internal leaks.

IoTAS is a software-only solution that features the industry’s most innovative encryption and compression algorithms, providing complete protection for sensitive data while simultaneously delivering faster execution and ultra-low latency. IoTAS using patented cache mapping technology for better power efficiency to ensure increased uptime of battery-powered medical devices.

The flexibility of the solution allows you to implement security across the many different areas from mobile applications, care provider devices, and medical equipment to the Cloud.

IoTAS Deployment

  • Medical device
  • Mobile applications
  • Gateway appliance
  • Cloud
  • Databases and distributed servers

IoTAS Secures

  • Life-critical smart medical devices
  • Caregiver data
  • Patient data

CENTRI IoTAS Benefits for Healthcare IoT

  • Complete data governance protects patient privacy
  • Maximum uptime of low power, mission-critical medical devices
  • Intelligence with device management and analytics
  • Supports secure data sharing across trusted stakeholders