Use Case: Industrial

IoT Will Revolutionize Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers are just beginning their next revolution with the Internet of Things. Smart connected equipment and devices can increase output and drive insights into machine performance and preventative maintenance for better efficiencies across manufacturing processes and the supply chain.

According to a recent survey, manufacturers using IoT solutions saw an increase in revenues of nearly 30% year over year.

IoT Security Challenges for Industrial Manufacturers

While Industrial IoT solutions hold great promise for manufacturers, the issues from increased connectivity with devices and data increase attack vectors. Information needs to be shared efficiently and securely between manufacturers, customers and partners to maintain confidentiality of materials and control of equipment. Much of this information flows in and out of the Cloud, internal networks and connected devices. All of these elements present challenges to prevent the appropriation of confidential information or the loss of control of equipment.

  • Sensors in most equipment are hackable and can be fed fake data – causing signal failures across traffic systems or leading to contaminants into the local water supply
  • Central command facilities are targets to take control over large areas of services
  • DDoS attacks prevent delivery of services and frustrate stakeholders
  • Confidential data susceptible from devices and mobile apps traveling to and from the Cloud
  • Low power devices in the field run hot with less uptime using heavy load security
  • Footprint limitations exist for security solutions on many equipment types
  • Bandwidth or network constraints with large data transmissions impact users

CENTRI IoTAS Secures Industrial IoT

The CENTRI IoTAS platform offers an innovative and scalable, software-only industrial IoT security solution to help manufacturers address the new problems of device and data security.

With complete encryption, your intellectual property and your equipment is safe in all states – at rest, in motion and on endpoints. Secure central command of unmanned manufacturing equipment is assured with an IoT security layer that works with existing infrastructure and devices.

Uptime is a key business metric that IoTAS achieves with low drain on system resources for battery-powered devices in the field using patented cache-mapping technology and efficient algorithms. A small 50kB footprint can be installed at the sensor level, on gateways, mobile applications and on-premise or public Clouds.

With available forensics and analytics dashboards, IoTAS system administrators have visibility to all anomalies and user behavior across industrial assets.

IoTAS Deployment

  • Industrial equipment
  • Mobile applications
  • Gateway appliance
  • Cloud
  • Databases and distributed servers

IoTAS Secures

  • Control of connected equipment onsite or in the field
  • Machine data
  • Customer data

CENTRI IoTAS Benefits for Industrial Manufacturers

  • Flexible installation in endpoints, gateways, apps, and the Cloud
  • Complete security protects equipment and data
  • Maximum uptime of low power, mission-critical industrial devices
  • Secures central command of unmanned edge devices and equipment