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Use Case: OEMs & ODMs

IoT Builds Demand for OEMs & ODMs

IoT technology is driving early demand of services for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturers (ODM) to design and deliver new innovative devices and platforms.

Analysts have suggested there will be upwards of 20 billion IoT devices in market by 2020. Forward-looking manufacturers must look at ways to differentiate for their customers from hardware to software design both cost-effectively and at minimal risk to protect their brands.

IoT Security Challenges for OEMs & ODMs

Whether you are an OEM or a trusted contract manufacturer, bringing an insecure solution to market does nothing to help your customers and end users, or to improve your reputation in the marketplace. As security risks become more sophisticated, keeping pace with stronger solutions offered to customers and for their own businesses with their own industry regulations can bring challenges.

  • Weak out-of-the-box device authentication to ensure trusted connections
  • DDoS attacks prevent delivery of services and frustrate consumers
  • Confidential data susceptible from devices and mobile apps traveling to and from the Cloud
  • Low power devices run hot with less uptime using heavy load security
  • Footprint limitations exist for security solutions on many devices and appliances
  • Bandwidth or network constraints with large data transmissions impact home users

CENTRI IoTAS Secures OEM & ODM Devices and Data

The temptation for DIY security is the wrong choice for OEMs and ODMs. Stand out from the crowd with uniquely secure and efficient devices.

The CENTRI IoTAS platform offers an innovative and scalable, software-only solution to meet the problems facing today’s device makers for the Internet of Things from chip to Cloud. The small 50kB footprint of IoTAS allows ultimate flexibility to install the software on endpoints, gateways, mobile applications and the Cloud.

Secure hardware-based ID on initialization establishes trust without the need to exchange certificates to prevent connections from unauthorized devices and users. Ultra-fast simultaneous data encryption and optimization in motion and at rest provides complete protection for users without a single byte sent in the clear.

Man-in-the-middle attacks are exposed and Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks launched from devices can never begin when the device only accepts verified commands protected by IoTAS. Cache-mapping technology and efficient algorithms result in <2% CPU utilization to maximize uptime of battery-powered smart home devices.

IoTAS Deployment

  • Edge device
  • Mobile applications
  • Gateway appliance
  • Cloud
  • Databases and distributed servers

IoTAS Secures

  • Control of connected devices onsite or in the field
  • Device data
  • Customer data

CENTRI IoTAS Benefits for OEMs & ODMs

  • Flexible installations in endpoints, gateways, apps, and the Cloud
  • Complete security protects your valuable brand
  • Maximum uptime of low power, mission-critical devices
  • Speeds time-to-market vs. DIY efforts