Use Case: Utilities

IoT Powers Efficiencies for Utilities

Utility companies from hydro to new green power generation are moving towards IoT solutions to improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer experiences, generate dynamic forecasting and reduce costs of maintenance.

Soon, every piece of equipment in this industry sector from smart grids, home meters and appliances back to central command centers will be touched by IoT innovations between operators and assets.

IoT Security Challenges for Utility Firms

Increased connectivity from IoT technologies requires better protection of power assets and data from hackers, agents of espionage and rogue employees. IoT enabled smart utility innovations expose many security challenges.

  • Sensors in most equipment are hackable and can be fed fake data – causing signal failures and wrong actions
  • Central command facilities are targets to take control over large areas of services
  • DDoS attacks prevent delivery of services and frustrate consumers
  • Confidential data susceptible from devices and mobile apps traveling to and from the Cloud
  • Low power devices run hot with less uptime using heavy load security
  • Footprint limitations exist for security solutions on many devices and appliances
  • Bandwidth or network constraints with large data transmissions impact users

CENTRI IoTAS Secures Utility Data and Equipment

The CENTRI IoTAS platform is a scalable, software-only solution to meet the IoT security problems facing energy and utility firms.

IoTAS completely encrypts and optimizes the data via applications and the Cloud and provides additional authentication of devices to ensure equipment and data are secure in all states – at rest, in motion and on endpoints. The small 50kB footprint of the solution allows you to install on virtually any endpoint such as smart meters and handheld devices to the Cloud. IoTAS features cache mapping technology and efficient algorithms for <2% CPU usage for maximum uptime of your battery-powered devices in the field.

Secure central command of unmanned equipment is also assured with an IoT security layer that works with existing infrastructure and devices. With available forensics and analytics dashboards, IoTAS system administrators have visibility to all anomalies and user behavior across utility assets.

IoTAS Deployment

  • Central command centers
  • Equipment and devices
  • Mobile applications
  • Gateway appliance
  • Cloud
  • Databases and distributed servers

IoTAS Secures

  • Centralized command of equipment
  • Utility device assets
  • Sensitive customer data

CENTRI IoTAS Benefits for Utilities

  • Flexible installations in endpoints, gateways, apps, and the Cloud
  • Complete security protects utility assets and data
  • Maximum uptime of low power, mission-critical utility devices
  • DDoS mitigation keeps services running and residents happy