IoTAS Data Encryption and Optimization

IoTAS encryption technology offers the best of both worlds for your IoT offering – simultaneous data encryption and data optimization purpose-built for IoT. Why is this technology combination unique and important for your IoT products? Data encryption that is strong yet low in footprint can lower the risks associated with delivering new IoT products and services while ensuring optimum uptime. Data optimization can better handle the enormous amount of transmitted and stored IoT data efficiently to increase bandwidth while reducing storage requirements.

IoTAS technology is way ahead of any of the commercially available “buy” or open source “build” options for your IoT development teams. IoTAS encryption technology follows a simple client-server model of deployment to protect and compress all data on or between any endpoints. The client component consists of one or more libraries that get embedded in an IoT application package along with any other libraries the application may use. Client libraries exist for Android, iOS, Windows, and different IoT devices. The server component consists of a pair of service/daemons for transport security and for storage security – as well as a management console for administrative management of the solution. Let’s look under the hood to see more.

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IoTAS Encryption Technology

IoTAS features ultra-efficient and secure encryption technology that is suitable to protect all data, for any connected IoT equipment. Device authentication adds a layer of integrity and trust to both sides of your solution. IoTAS provides an advanced cryptographic protocol for creating secure connections between trusted endpoints over an insecure network.


How is IoTAS Different from SSL/TLS or AES Encryption Tools?

IoTAS features a high-speed, state-of-the-art, stream cipher and an efficient cryptographic key-to-hash function. This allows it to outperform virtually any block-based ciphersuite in terms of cipher speed, and CPU performance. IoTAS encryption technology offers unique “vault-less” technology for data at rest to ease the burden of key management. With IoTAS encryption, the public key is stored in the header of the file that is secured, while the private key resides on the device. No key vault to manage or lose.

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IoTAS Optimization Technology

While data compression continues to be an effective tool to save disk storage and increase data throughput, the need for minimizing data latency and increasing battery life continues to be a priority for IoT technologies. IoTAS provides synchronized byte-level caching between client and server that removes redundancies, increases efficiencies, and saves bandwidth. IoTAS accomplishes optimization and encryption in a single-pass. Cache mapping compression technology, CMC, is a family of high-speed data compression algorithms that were designed to meet the increasing demands of IoT devices. The cornerstone of the technology resides in the use of a cache memory, similar to the ones used in Computer Architecture for code and data caching, as the basic data structure to achieve compression. By processing symbols in a sequential fashion, compression is performed extremely fast, using relatively low system resources. This makes CMC ideal for light to heavy weight applications that could benefit from compression without the data latency and the


How is IoTAS different from other compression tools such as GZIP?

IoTAS outperforms GZIP on latency, speed, and battery life all while providing encryption at the same time. In tests performed, GZIP plus SFTP can take three times longer than IoTAS when handling multiple compression processes. IoTAS uses 6% less battery life every 90 minutes for encryption and compression versus GZIP compression only.

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