You Can Trust in CENTRI

Trust is vital in any relationship, and the provider of your IoT security is extremely important to the future of your company. It isn’t enough that you trust CENTRI with your IoT security – your clients and industry regulations need to be able to trust that decision as well. Our commitment to provide you with a secure  data protection platform is our top priority.


A Commitment to Security and Innovation

Providing innovative IoT security is what we do, and we’re proud of the ways in which we’re helping many organizations in a variety of industries to keep their IoT data and devices safe. Our commitment to excellence stands out, not only in the demonstrable effects of our software-based security solutions, but also in our awards and alliances with others in the industry.

CENTRI is always developing new innovations that will help companies to secure their IoT offering in the most effective and efficient ways. This is reflected in the many patents that we have secured since our inception.


Respect for Your Privacy

The confidentiality of personal information is at the core of the services that we provide, and it remains our highest goal and standard. We offer complete transparency into our business practices, and will never use, sell, or distribute your information to any third party. For more information about our commitment to maintaining client confidentiality, please see our privacy policy and terms and conditions.