IoT Security Challenges For Utilities Firms

Utilities from hydro and new green power generation are moving towards IoT solutions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs of maintenance. Soon, every piece of equipment in this industry sector from smart grids, home meters and appliances will be touched by IoT innovations between operators and assets. Increased connectivity from IoT technologies require better protection of power assets or “things” from terrorists and agents of espionage to rogue employees.

Attacks on centralized command of unmanned devices are also becoming common with power plants, nuclear facilities and dams as new targets for catastrophic service disruptions. Field equipment and service staff with mobile devices also need connectivity to company control centers which leave more potential access points for hackers. Industry risk and compliance also put pressure on firms to ensure that their equipment and their customer data from IoT products is safe no matter how it is stored or used.


CENTRI Secures Utility Operations and Equipment

Securing the data and equipment of your utilities firm should be your #1 priority in the age of the Internet of Things. The CENTRI IoTAS advanced security platform is a scalable, software-only solution to meet the IoT security problems facing energy and utilities firms. With complete encryption and optimization of the data via applications and the Cloud and additional authentication of devices, your equipment and data are secured and compressed in all states – at rest, in motion and in use on any endpoints. The small footprint of the solution allows you to implement it on virtually any endpoint such as smart meters and handheld devices to the Cloud. IoTAS operates in cache memory for a lower drain on system resources with battery-powered devices you require in the field. Secure central command of unmanned equipment is assured with an IoT security layer that works with existing infrastructure and devices.

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